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At PICKLES CART we are specialized in making scrumptious, yummy, quality and plentiful in nutrients and supplements free from additives or pesticides.

Organic farming, agricultural system that utilizes environmentally based bug controls and organic composts got to a great extent from creature and plant squanders and nitrogen-fixing cover crops. Present day natural cultivating was created as a reaction to the ecological damage brought about by the utilization of compound pesticides and manufactured manures in ordinary farming, and it has various environmental advantages. We at PICKLESCART use Organic crops for making of every product sold here.

Compared with conventional agriculture, natural cultivating utilizes less pesticides, lessens soil disintegration, diminishes nitrate filtering into groundwater and surface water, and reuses animal squanders once again into the ranch. We completely follow Organic farming and we also handle our own Organic vegetables, fruits outlets in Rajahmundry named RISHIORGANICS. There we have enormous clients to purchase our natural vegetables and organic products in bulk quantities. Glad to grow real, natural, genuine common food which is super good food for generations and helps for nourishment for ages. Please have a look at our wonderful farm and you will definitely fall in love with our products which are made from super good organic crops with utmost hygiene. 

Our Specialization

At PICKLES CART we are specialized in making scrumptious, yummy, quality, and plentiful in nutrients and supplements free from additives or pesticides. We utilize all Organic items for cooking snacks, sweets and Organic pickles.

Andhra Pradesh is known for its spicy food all around the country. The inspiration behind such delicious variations of food lies in the opulent culture of the state, where exotic food is being prepared in the kitchen of the Nawabs since the year of its origin. The Andhra cuisine comprises of both mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

A true Indian will always remember the taste and fragrance of the food he has tasted in whichever part of the world he might be. It won’t be an embellishment to state that an Indian is dependent on something as modest as “pickle” all the more famously called “Achar” in Indian language. Regardless of whether huge spread of food is laid before him, appreciating these rarities is incomplete without eating the pickle called ‘Achar’. This supposed Indian Pickle or Indian Achar is known for its taste, fragrance and quality. Any Indian supper is inadequate without it.

When coming to South Indian Pickles(Andhra Pickles) consistently we PICKLES CART discover our top choices, here we have hardly any south Indian pickles accessible for you in our list. Have a superb South Indian pickling experience…

  • Made Fresh in 5 kg Batches each day, so when the pickles delivered to you, its only not many days old with best taste, flavor and aromas
  • Home Made pickles:No Chemicals, No Preservatives, and No Colors makes its the best food for you as well as for your children and old.
  • Premium Quality Pickle Mangoes utilized
  • Helping Farmers : All ingredients are sourced from our farms in this way helping the individuals
    who feed the world and it really matters.
  • Ladies Rural Employment: All our pickle making units utilize nearby ladies
    from close by villages, providing rural women employment.

PICKLES CART is offering wide range of powders which can be served in rice furthermore in tiffin’s. These “podulu” are mixed with right amount and extents of required quantities which are yummy and mouth-watering.

Appreciate Pappu/kandi powder, Karivapaku powder, Ginger powder, Palli powder, Sambar powder, Rasam powder, Mint powder from our end. We also offer Non-Veg Pickles with a freshly, hygienical process.

Sweets are very famous in Andhra Pradesh. It’s very difficult to choose one. We have so many items on the list, each place has its own speciality. The list goes on with yummy delicious dishes.For example Atreyapuram pootharekulu, Tapeswaram Madatha Khaja, Adavinekkalam Mamidi Tandra, Mukkamala Pappu chekkalu, Mandapeta Bellam Gavvalu, Katthipudi karakajjam, Kakinada Kaja etc…

We at PICKLESCART make sweets with most extreme consideration to ensure our clients ought to get happy with the yummy taste. PICKLESCART will ensure that quality is our primary plan while cooking food. Here are our kitchen’s delicious sweets made with fresh Organic ghee on our list.

Andhra Pradesh state is the leading producer of red chili, rice and Telangana state is millets in India influences the liberal use of spices —making the food one of the richest and spiciest in the world. Our crunchy, tasty, fresh, yummy snacks(HOTS) list is below..If you taste our food once you won’t leave our taste and you feel the freshness. we bet you will purchase from us forever time.

You can now enjoy the great quality of single polished rice and its nutritional benefits, free of herbicides and pesticides.Choose from two varieties: Single polished rice & Hand pound rice. When you eat single polished rice, it gradually releases blood sugar in your body which is very rich in vitamin B and many more benifits.

Telagapindi contains lignans which helps to help improve lipid profiles  and can normalize cholesterol and blood pressure. Our Organic products are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Here are the list of Organic products in our Menu..

Long before you went to the doctor to get a prescription, people used plants to treat illnesses and heal wounds. In fact, many modern drugs, such as aspirin, are derived from plants, now known as healing plants. “Over time, humans have found many plants are effective for nutrition, for adding spice to foods and also for healing us.

To know more about How to preserve our organic pickles please read the following information, Best Preservative Methods :

  1. Please store these received organic pickles in Glass Jar Only.
  2. Please maintain Oil layer above the pickle
  3. Please store it in cool and dry place
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